Terms & Conditions

Dear Valued Customer,
There are some conditions to ensure we serve you better.
  • Feel free to browse our products.
  • SERIOUS BUYER only  
  • All the prices stated in this blog are non-negotiable unless promotion and discount sale. The prices also did not include postal charges which the you to add for your payment session.
  • Once the order reaches me, we will confirmed it by giving a reply with total amount and stock confirmation.
  • You only have 3 days to make the payment after order. If we do not receive any payment, the order will be canceled. You have to send us a confirmation payment to let us know that you have made the payment.
  • Any damage or lost of the package during the deliveries are not our responsibility.
  • The goods sold are not exchangeable or refundable.

THANK YOU FOR STAY!! Hope enjoy browsing this blog.


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